EACEA final report on ReFEEHS Project results and deliverables

Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA), Unit Erasmus+: Higher Education – International Capacity Building, provided the results of the assessment of the Final Technical Implementation Report and the Financial Statement.

Overall, the ReFEEHS Project implementation was rated as successful

ReFEEHS Project Team would like to thank all working parties, stakeholders, students and colleagues who took the role in project activities.

We look forward seeing and tracking further exploitation of the Project results.

Final Symposium, University of Belgrade Rectorate

The Final Symposium was held in Rectorate of the University of Belgrade on 10th October 2018 year. Tatjana Cvetkovski from the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology Development, Ivana Živadinović from the National Erasmus+ office and  Prof Ljiljana Tasić, project coordinator, has given introductory remarks, and presented the essential information and the importance of the ReFEEHS activities, results and outputs. Assoc. Prof. Dusanka Krajnović (University of Belgrade – Faculty of Pharmacy) presented the Experiential education working group activities, outputs and documents that were produced. Thereafter, Prof. Zoran Komazec (University of Novi Sad – Faculty of Medicine) presented the results of the Interprofessional education working group activities including the handbook “Interprofesional education” that was published as one of the results. Results of the third working group “Teaching competencies development” presented Assist. Prof. Miloš Bajčetić (University of Belgrade – Faculty of Medicine). At the end, the panel discussion “Impacts and contributions of the ReFEEHS project in improvement of the health professionals’ higher education in the Republic of Serbia” was organized. The final symposium was finished with the ceremony of the awarding certificates to the graduates of Teaching Competencies Development program by Prof Nada Kovacevic, program coordinator.


The agenda is available here.

You can see the presentations from the Final symposium below:

Dušanka Krajnović: Experiential education working group activities outputs

Zoran Komazec: Interprofessional education working group activities outputs

Miloš Bajčetić: Teaching competencies development working group activities outputs


The handbook “Interprofesional education” is available here

The list of participants is available here

The gallery is presented below:

Contemporary aspects of quality assurance in health professions education, ReFEEHS Thematic Workshop 4

The fourth ReFEEHS thematic workshop was held at the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Medicine, Serbia, from May 9-11 2018. Representatives of the partner institutions, from Serbia and EU, regulatory bodies and health professionals, participated in the Workshop.

The Workshop was consisted of three plenary sessions:

  • During the first session the importance of the quality assurance and evaluation in health professions education was discussed (lecturer: prof Ljiljana Tasic), as well as challenges in experiential education quality assurance: an academic perspective (prof Petar Bulat) and a professional practice perspective (prim dr Branka Lazic).
  • Lecturers at the second plenary sessions were from EU partner institutions. They presented their experiences. Prof Martin Henman, Trinity College, University of Dublin, spoke about practice, mentors and their collaboration with the Universities. Prof Afonso Cavaco presented different documents and tools for quality assurance of the experiential education from the Lisbon Faculty of Pharmacy perspective. Colleagues form the University of Pecs (dr Reka Vajda), presented the simulation centre equipped with various simulators / manikins for training students.
  • The third session was devoted to results of ReFEEHS project important for quality assurance and improvement of health professionals’ education in real-life environment. The Standards for students/clinical practice, Guidelines for students, Guidelines for menthors (Prof Dusanka Krajnovic) and E-platform for experiential education (Prof Marina Odalović i Prof Milos Bajcetic) were presented.

After these sessions the interactive World Café workshop was held on several topics:

The objective of this session was to provide an opportunity to discuss emerging topics related to quality health professions education and explore constructive possibilities for action and further improvement. Moderators were: Prof Nada Kovačević, Prof Snežana Medić, Prof Lidija Radulović, Prof Ivanka Marković, Prof Petar Bulat, Prof Jelena Parojčić, Prof Ljiljana Tasić, Prof Dragana Lakić, Asst Prof Marina Odalović, Asst Prof Miloš Bajčetić, Asst Prof Martin Popević, Asst Prof Milan Stančić, Asst Prof Vladeta Milin, Zlatko Petrović

See gallery below:


Meeting presentations are available below:

Prof Nebojša Lalic, Prof Ljiljana Tasic: Importance of quality assurance and evaluation in health professions education

Prof. Petar Bulat: Challenges in experiential education quality assurance: an academic perspective

Dr. Branka Lazić: Challenges in experiential education quality assurance: a professional practice perspective

Prof. dr Martin Henman: Practice, Practitioners and Providers collaborating for quality experiential education

Zlatko Petrovic: Personal data protection – professional practice and personal responsibilities 

Prof. Afonso Kavako, Helena Merkes, Rui Silva: Tools for pharmacy internship quality regulation: the example from the Lisbon Faculty of Pharmacy

Reka Vajda, Prof. dr Zuzana Kives, Prof. dr Dora Endrei, prof dr. Imre Bonc: Experiences with experiential education in the clinical practice at the University of Pecs

Prof. Dušanka Krajnović: Presentation of QA documents developed through ReFEEHS project

Doc.dr Marina Odalović, Doc.dr Miloš Bajčetić: E-platform for experiential education developed through ReFEEHS project


Agenda and Meeting Proceeding Book are available.  

The list of participants is available here.

You can also see the workshop Report.