Vecernje novosti – Serbian daily newspaper; information about the equipment purchase


BB informator – professional review devoted to pharmacy practice
June 2017, volume 265




Online health magazine presented the ReFEEHS achievements to the general public in Serbia, regarding equipment purchase for the educational institutions. Follow the link.

ReFEEHS project objectives and activities were publicized by the Higher Education Authorities in the Republic of Serbia. Follow the link to the Provincial Secretariat for Higher Education and Scientific Research website.

ReFEEHS project was presented to general public by Radio Television of Serbia – the public broadcaster in Serbia, a member of the European Broadcasting Union. Follow the link.


ReFEEHS Case Study in FIP Education Initiative “Transforming Our Workforce: Workforce development and education: Systems, tools and navigation”



Health information web portal presented the ReFEEHS projects objectives to the general public in Serbia. Follow the link.

Apotekarska praksa – gazette of the Serbian Pharmaceutical Chamber



BB Informator – professional review devoted to pharmacy practice
November 2015, volume 246                  April 2016, volume 251

First SEE summit

First SEE summit