A stoma bag is one that needs to be changed as often as you feel you have to change. 

Some people  may do it once a day, other times it’s about 3 or more times. Typically it’s every time a bowel movement occurs. When it comes to ileostomy, you’ll typically have a pouch that is drainable, which can be emptied during the day and then changed every couple of days depending on how long the wafter lasts. 

It’s a little bit scary at first, but here, we’ll discuss the different ways to do it, and once you work on it, you’ll find it only take sa few minutes to do. 

Changing the Stoma Bag 

First, you must check to make sure you’ve got everything needed for the change, such as wet wipes that don’t have a smell, dry wipes, an adhesive remover spray or some wipes, the barrier spray or rings or paste, the bag itself, and a sack for disposal. Typically you’re probably already fitted with all of these. 

Next, make sure the bag is the right size and adjust as necessary for the bags itself. 

First there, wash your hands before you start with this process. 

The next thing you should do of course is to make sure you’ve got wipes on hand to make sure it doesn’t spill into the clothes itself.   

Next, when you hold the skin near the stoma in a taut manner, you first peel back the bag in a slow and careful manner. Keep the tissues on hand to wipe the top area of the bag where it’s peeled to avoid spillages at the opening. Remove your bag, and then put it in the disposable sack. 

Slowly clean the skin with warm water and wipe. Don’t try to do this with soap and water since it can be abrasive, but instead use wet wipes that aren’t fragranced. 

Next dry it until it’s dried to prevent irritation, then dispose of the wipes. 

If there are barrier rings, pastes, or sprays, use this now, but make sure it’s totally dry before you apply it. 

Next you want to apply the bag by folding the wafer back in half to line up the holes with the stoma. From the bottom, roll it over the stoma, then smoothen it down to get rid of creases and gaps. Cover the hand near the top as the warmth moves to the adhesion to keep it there. 

Get rid of the old sack in the normal hygienic manners so that it’s properly disposed of. 

And that’s what it takes. It’s really not that hard to get rid of an old stoma bag and changing the stoma bag as well. It is important to maintain good hygiene with this, since with improper hygiene, it can cause infection or worse. In some cases, improper changing and disposal of this can lead to possibilities for blockage and other such issues. 

That’s a big part of it, and many people don’t realize that this is super important. 

If you have questions about the changing and disposing of the stoma bag, along with the cleaning, you should never hesitate to ask your stoma nurse or your doctor about it. That’s because, for a lot of people, they don’t even realize that it’s a problem, and in a lot of instances, it can become a big issue if there is infection and the like. Cleaning and changing the stoma bag is not only good hygienic practices but also is good too if you are worried about the social repercussions of this.